GGC Announcements

The newsletter sent out for those who have not received it for whatever reason -

Dear Guerilla Gaming Club members, due to the club becoming increasingly inactive over the past 6 month we have come to the decision to close the GGC. This wasn’t an easy decision but we feel it’s the best thing to do. The GGC web site will close in January when our hosting expires, our IRC channel #ggclub (on quakenet) will remain open so please feel free to drop in and have a chat. We might also stick the forum online somewhere if people want it, so if you would please let us know.
We would like to thank all the members who have helped with the community and made this a fun few years for us all, we wish you all the best.

GGC Admins,
Hammerhead, Tom, Coach


Forum update

We have set up a private board on the New to Linux forum for GGC members to use if they wish. If you would like to use this board go to and register on the forum. Once registered contact me (Hammerhead) and I will give you access to the GGC board. You can contact me in IRC or by email @ hammerhead AT gmx DOT co DOT uk


You can access the site by clicking the image below